500 impressions in 2 minutes.

As a big Batman fan, I loved this short Justice League mockumentary.

Critics of global warming will love this article.

I think the cuttlefish is the most interesting animal I’ve heard of. See this video for an explanation of its shapeshifting, colorshifting ways.

Pictorial comparison of fast food ads and reality.


Here is a very nice photo flipbook video featuring the unmistakable music of Alan Vega.

Multi-touch interfaces (a la the iPhone) have reinvented the DJ turntable.

Old-school anti-piracy PSA: Don’t Copy That Floppy!

Video of a full orchestral performance of perhaps the most revolutionary work of music from the 20th century, John Cage’s infamous 4’33” (1952).

10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World; even cooler than I was expecting.

Google is imitating Ted Talks with the thus-far excellent Google Tech Talks. Highlights: Kevin Kelly on the scientific method and Luis von Ahn on human computation.

I use Wikipedia every day, but it does have serious quality problems. Citizendium looks like a vast improvement, with editorial control and no anonymous editing. For examples of quality potential, see “approved” articles like Biology, Barbara McClintock, and Vertebral subluxation. See the news coverage.

The World Is Not Flat: a couple travels around the entire world in one year, blogging their experiences with copious photos, videos, and impressions. Here are their highlights and lowlights, here are their travel tips, and here are all the posts about how they could afford such a comprehensive trip! Similar: Vagabonding, Jon Rawlinson, and Old World Wandering.

Choose My Adventure: some guy lets his readers choose what adventures he takes next.

I’m only 10% stupid. Yay!

How many countires can you name in 10 minutes? I got 73 in 6 minutes, and then gave up. Pathetic. Africa and Eastern Europe are the hardest for me.

The etymology of “meh”.

The world’s most amazing cars. Sexy.

Wow. Have you seen these photos of a towboat literally rolling under an unopened bridge? And hey, how did a deer get atop a communications pole? And here is one way to sneak across a border. And corset body piercing; now that’s hardcore! And more.

Most awkward TV interviews ever.

A Nigerian scammer is tricked into acting out the Monty Python “Dead Parrot” sketch. Video.

World’s best foosball player. Video.

The new thrill ride? Get literally catapulted into the air by your neck. Video.

This anti-Pangean theory sounds too good to be true. Good production values make it true, right?

Have you seen this hilarious dumb thief?

Confused about Web 2.0?

11 Most Important Philosophical Quotations.

I will NOT be doing this at Angel Falls.

Here is an example of how math can be beautiful.

Are you ready for the violence of the lambs?

Watch a glass blower make a glass cat in less than 2 minutes.

Watch Jake Shimabukuro play a stunning arrangement of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” for ukulele.

Can any of my readers point to a sort of TED Talks for Christianity? Sorta like Veritas or Open Forum?

Shaun Groves wrote a good post on giving and tithing.

Have you seen this? Blogging the Bible: What happens when an ignoramus reads the good book?

In case you missed it: Five Streams of the Emerging Church at Christianity Today.

Married guys, have you tried this argument?

First wheelchair backflip ever (video)

Things My Boyfriend Says (cute)

a Flickr bulk downloader (awesome)

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