I’ve been hating on pop music for several years now. I think pop music is, nearly by definition, just a boring rehash of (a) pop music from yesterday or (b) a trite transliteration of earlier good music into bland pop conventions. A shockingly clear example of this is given by Webshite here. “How You Remind Me” (the #1 Billboard single of all 2001) plays in the left speaker, and “Someday” (a US Top Ten single from 2003) plays in the right speaker. You can hear it’s exactly the same song.

Webshite writes: “Nickelback… you bastards, you’re taking advantage of those tone deaf MTV brainwashed twats who are too thick to notice you’re releasing songs that are EXACTLY THE SAME as ones you recorded earlier.”

Funniest thing I’ve seen/heard in quite some time.