I’ve decided to hold off on the next Journey into Truth post because I want to do something special with the series that will take a long time to prepare.

I just watched an episode of Morgan Spurlock‘s 30 days wherein an atheist must spend one month living with a Christian family. I feel so sorry for the atheist.

Finally, here’s a snippet of my favorite comment on Al Gore yet:

In fact, the planet “has” been mostly warming up, otherwise our race would not exist: human civilization emerged after the end of the Ice Age. [But what’s wrong with the warming? Gore] mentions that the oceans would rise by almost seven meters. With all due respect, the worst estimate from climatologists is about 7 cm… He calls for a cut in emission of carbon dioxide. But he does not mention the easy solution to the problem, that would also solve a lot of other problems, from Islamic terrorism to the crises with Iran and Venezuela: abandon oil in favor of nuclear power. What he asks us to do, instead, is basically go back to the stone age. Most of the planet would rather wait for the oceans to rise 7 cm.