The World Is Not Flat: a couple travels around the entire world in one year, blogging their experiences with copious photos, videos, and impressions. Here are their highlights and lowlights, here are their travel tips, and here are all the posts about how they could afford such a comprehensive trip! Similar: Vagabonding, Jon Rawlinson, and Old World Wandering.

Choose My Adventure: some guy lets his readers choose what adventures he takes next.

I’m only 10% stupid. Yay!

How many countires can you name in 10 minutes? I got 73 in 6 minutes, and then gave up. Pathetic. Africa and Eastern Europe are the hardest for me.

The etymology of “meh”.

The world’s most amazing cars. Sexy.

Wow. Have you seen these photos of a towboat literally rolling under an unopened bridge? And hey, how did a deer get atop a communications pole? And here is one way to sneak across a border. And corset body piercing; now that’s hardcore! And more.

Most awkward TV interviews ever.