With my music collection gone, I’ve been looking to internet radio for my musical experiences. I like Last.fm personalized radio even better than Pandora because the former includes infinitely more artists (including classical and avantgarde composers) and lets you create a personal radio station based on multiple preferred artists. It’s really simple: list a few artists you like, click “Play Your Station”, and hear streaming radio that plays tracks from those and similar artists. If you don’t like a track, you can skip to the next one. Brilliant!

A list of unfilmable novels, why they are unfilmable, and which director should make each of them anyway.

A long interview with the writers of Borat reveals the film’s particular blend of writing, improvisation, staging, and happy coincidence.

GetHuman lists hundreds of 800 numbers that take you directly to a human being.

The Greatest Cartoon of all Time? “Penguins!”