Hilarious: 50 Potential Christian Bestsellers. #1? Your Best Life Now Book of Martyrs.

5,000 Year History of Religion in 90 Seconds (animated map). Also: Yep, the Middle East has always been at war.

Outreach magazine’s 25 most innovative churches in America. I’m not familiar most of the churches, but they do have incredible websites. I hope that’s not what Outreach means by innovative: it seems unlikely that the most innovative churches are some of the biggest, for the same reason the U.S. can never be as innovative as, say, Iceland or South Korea.

Call 1-641-985-5700 (Iowa area code), access code 366728#, to hear a ten minute recording regarding why someone left the Amish. You’ll also hear info on joining a phone-conference Bible study for ex-Amish persons.

Invisible College should do a vidcast of their events.