Roy Hession’s The Calvary Road (1964) was recommended to me by thirdfloorthoughts in response to my brokenness post. Now, I was talking about unwilled brokenness that comes through confusion and sin, and The Calvary Road concerns the willed brokenness that comes through death to self. But I am happy to have read it anyway.

It is a short book, and Hession has a wonderful way of making the Christian journey seem simple and, perhaps, obvious. We may think of our path of sanctification as one of weekly, daily, hourly brokenness before God. Whenever selfishness, anger, fear, or anything that is not of God rises in our heart or mind, we simply return our thoughts to the cross and ask God to break us again so that it is not we that live, but He in us: “People imagine that dying to self make one miserable. But it is just the opposite. It is the refusal to die to self that makes one miserable.”