I continue to find the Internet a terrific tool for discussion with like-minded or specifically other-minded persons. Outside the Internet, I might have a hard time finding other emergent-missional-Anabaptist Jesus-followers to talk with. But on the Internet, these long tail communities abound and, thanks to filters and aggregators like Google, are easy to find. And online discussions are not limited by location or schedule conflicts like offline discussions are.

The Internet is a great way to develop friendships (and mutual spiritual journeys) with persons of similar, obscure tastes. For example, one of my friends on Listology (a site for making lists about music, movies, books, etc.) shares my passions for Charlie Kaufman films, psychology, basic philosophy and reason, and experimental electronica. And he explicitly stated this as a reason for asking me tough questions about my faith in God, a conversation that is wonderful and ongoing.