I have revisited all my posts from this year to remember some of what God taught me (that is my primary purpose for writing this blog, after all). It was a wonderful year, not because my circumstances or wealth or abilities or relationships improved, but because God has been transforming my heart and mind, and because I am falling deeper in love with him. Everything else seems to fade away (including, for example, my recent $900 auto repair bill). Here are some of the highlights of what God taught me this year:

1. Loving my enemies includes, like, not killing them.
2. I am blessed beyond belief. Life is good.
3. I will never be safe or know the future, and that is a grand adventure.
4. There are no Christian politics.
5. There’s no reason for me to insist that nonbelievers follow God’s law. That’s not love; it’s the definition of legalism.
6. Love is more beautiful and powerful than anything.

I’m probably forgetting some major revelations, but: Thank you, God!

I also have some personal requests of God for the coming year:

1. God, fill my heart with genuine compassion for other people.
2. God, destroy the hold that lust has over my heart and mind.
3. God, destroy the grip that music consumption has over my life.
4. God, give me discipline to join your Spirit in transforming me and doing your work.
5. God, train me to hear your voice.
6. God, give me peace about finances, friendships, mystery, and romance.