I have been informed that people have invented a holiday to be celebrated every December 25th. It’s something about impoverished white people living in the Middle East, flying reindeer, a diminutive dentist, and a bearded fat guy who tries to squeeze down chimneys and eat your cookies. People come up with the craziest shit. But apparently it is customary for me to greet you a certain way on this holiday:

Merry Christmas!

With that out of the way, let me point you to something more sensible. I came home from a family party last night. I was tired and ready to crash, but I stumbled upon a video podcast for TED, a conference in which scores of brilliant people from different fields share their ingenious and often surprising ideas very powerfully and succinctly. You can view all the episodes here. There are excellent presentations on statistics, hoaxes, medical inventions, space flight, arctic adventures, foreign aid, curing agining, happiness, choice, spagetti sauce, crack dealing, multiverses, vaginas, romance, universal access to all human knowledge, third world solutions, music, religion, global warming, holistic community development, life coaching, global development, inspired education, the most exciting innovation in computer interfaces I have ever seen, and more. I never did get to sleep last night. But I’m not tired. I’m totally energized. Without caffeine pills this time. My drug is knowledge.