U.S. Representative Virgil Goode wrote a letter to his constituents about Keith Ellison swearing in to office with a Koran. The letter basically says that Goode distrusts Muslims and wants to specifically exclude them from immigrating to the U.S. (summary, W.P. report). Millions of other Americans and politicians want to tighten the immigration policy of the U.S. – which has about the loosest immigration policy in the world – to make the U.S. more secure, to keep U.S. jobs open for Americans (read: genocidal Europeans, not later peaceful immigrants or Native Americans), etc.

I’m no politician, but here’s my immediate reaction as a Christian: There is clearly more wealth and opportunity in the U.S. than just about anywhere else. That’s why we will always have a stream of immigrants, whether or not they are legal. For the good of the world and its people, shouldn’t we be opening our doors, not closing them? A further influx of immigrants would keep the minimum wage down, make us less safe (as if there’s any way to be safe), and make jobs scarcer, but those types of problems are not that serious from a larger perspective. Many immigrants (and perhaps most illegal immigrants) to the U.S. are coming from places of incredible violence, danger, and poverty. And the U.S. at least has a working police force and medical system, and it’s damn near impossible to actually starve in this country.

So, if we lock people out of the U.S., are we loving our neighbors, or are we just being selfish?