50 Most Influential Churches (in the U.S., apparently). Scary. But, Mosaic at #12.

50 Most Influential Christians (in the U.S., apparently). Scarier. But, Rob Bell at #25, Brian McLaren at #42, and Erwin McManus at #43.

Scot McKnight has a nifty name for the “instinct among emerging Christians to defend those who were ‘othered’ by evangelicals and an instinct to ‘other’ evangelicals, even though many emerging Christians truly are moderate or progressive evangelicals.” He calls it the “inclusion reaction”.

We don’t have to give each other more unnecessary crap for Christmas. If you feel compelled to give, consider giving to a charity and then give your family member or friend a card that says “We gave to ____ in your name.” My favorite source for this is probably the World Vision Gift Catalog. Buy somebody a goat or help dig a village’s well.

Here is a news story about a traditional church falling apart, then being reborn as a missional church.

Wow. You can listen to hundreds of hours of Bible teaching from Believer’s chapel, organized by Scripture text and topic.

Worship background graphics you can use for free.

10 things not to expect from a missional church. And, Newsweek reports on the missional church.