You know those Mac vs. PC commercials that have two guys talking on a white stage, one a suited, faulty nerd (PC) and the other a casual, capable hipster (Mac)? Well, Community Christian Church has produced a set of similar ads that make another contrast: Christ Follower vs. Christian.

Trust me, I understand the point they are trying to make, and I also prefer a non-traditional, totally surrendered way of following Jesus and don’t like the term Christian. But the videos’ way of depicting Christians is insulting, whatever good points they were trying to make. Perhaps more importantly, the videos don’t engage any of the issues that are actually important. They focus instead on differences in bumper stickers, clothing, and music preference. These videos can only aggravate the tension between the traditional church and the emergent church.

Maybe the target audience isn’t Christians or Christ followers, though. If the target audience is non-believers or former believers who are put off by Christians’ hypocrisy and pettiness, then these clever little videos could invite thousands to take another look at Jesus. In fact, it’s already reaching this audience via a front-page link on digg, one of the most important Web 2.0 news sites.