No, I didn’t do pot again. 🙂

Yesterday, I posted to this blog the long and explicit story of my first encounter with marijuana a few weeks ago. I had written the essay for a creative writing class, and posted it unedited to my blog. So, wherever it succeeded in creative expression, it mostly failed in moral application. I have deleted that post.

I did learn some things from smoking pot. I became even more convinced that I hate losing control of myself. I know the experience of being high. I’m learning more about true drug culture. I grew in sympathy for those living with addictions to these drugs that totally hijack one’s mind and body. (And, to those who are thinking of trying pot for the first time: Note that I did it with a trusted friend, in absence of peer pressure, with much previous thought and research, and no intention to ever do it again. And even still, I’m not sure it’s worth it: remember that different people react to it differently.)

But ironically, I learned more from my poor decision to post that story to my blog than from my more sensational decision to smoke pot. I’ve gained insight into my conceited, attention-seeking, shock-happy blabbermouth. I’ve realized my insensitivity to my audience (which on the Internet may include anyone, including children). I’ve opened internal and external dialogs about the limits of useful self-disclosure. And I’ve been humbled by yet another mistake. (One problem with an easily-Googleable online identity like lukeprog is that all my past embarrassments are recorded for all to see, from shrugging off Jewish laws to a passing, foolish affinity for mediocre pop music.)

To those offended by my “Marijuana” post, I apologize. Know that I always invite confrontation.