I think God has been sending me a message lately from several sources: “If you’re not passionate for it, don’t do it. Get passion first.”

This is a wonderful relief because I harbor great guilt about not giving and serving and ministering more. But if I “have not love, I am nothing” (1 Cor. 13:1-3). Well, in many cases I have not love. Whenever I try to give and serve beyond the depth of my love, I only grow frustrated and contemptuous of God.

First, I need to foster passions in sync with the heart of God. How? By praising him every day (my guitar facilitates this nicely). By reading aloud each day. By listening to speeches like this one repeatedly. By surrounding myself with people who display the heart of God. By speaking to God with complete honesty. By constantly monitoring my cognitions for unloving thoughts and replacing them with Godly ones.

When I am passionate, then I can operate honestly in the Kingdom of God. It’s a process.