Over the past few weeks, I have been experiencing a more genuine Jesus that I have ever known. He is the Jesus of the New Testament, and his agape love is more powerful than anything else. This genuine Jesus has finally become more exciting to me than anything else, including his main competitor for my attention: music.

I love music so much that it has become a drug. I need higher and higher doses of it to feel the effect (20 new albums a day, at this point). I worry about losing it or going without it. I’m addicted.

So today, I’m cutting off my music consumption. I will not remove music from my life because it is a beautiful thing and I use it to worship God and experience his beauty. But I will not be its fucking slave any more, I will not let it drag me into sinful and illegal acts, and I will not let it consume time that should be spent with the Holy Spirit.

God, purify my heart! Burn away the dross and make me yours!