I can’t stand contemporary Christian music, especially contemporary Christian praise music. It is the most artistically worthless, uncreative genre in all of popular music (yes, including teen pop and country). And that’s too bad, because I want to listen to music that edifies my spiritual walk, but the utter banality of contemporary Christian music grates against me as I listen to it.

There is one solution to this. If I am playing the music, on piano or guitar, then I can enjoy childishly simple music. So, I’m going to start learning to play some worship songs. But also, I’ve taken up the habit of singing Scripture to an improvised chord progression. For example, I’ll sing through Proverbs to some progression of D, G, Bm, and A. I’ve found Radiohead’s “Karma Police” to be good accompaniment to the melancholy Psalms that lament the prospering of the wicked. Or I’ll just play some chords and sing “Holy, holy, holy, holy, hallelujah, holy, hallllllllleeeeeelllluuuuujah,” etc. Good times.

If any of my readers are bored by CCM but want to praise God with music, give this a try.

P.S. I did find a CCM band called The Blackthorns who sound like a cross between Third Ear Band and Nick Cave; that’s pretty good for CCM. I’m going to have to hunt down more of that stuff.