I want to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. Not once, but all the time. I can’t live a genuine life in Christ while being consumed by distractions. I need to live immersed in God. I need to be praying throughout the day, communing with God in all things, seeking his heart for others in all interactions, surrendering every activity to his lordship. Living with God in 10% of my life just isn’t working.

With God as my king, Jesus as my teacher, and the Holy Spirit as my daily guide, may I walk forward in authentic Kingdom life.

Part of this commitment to bathing my every moment in God includes reading my Bible more. Today I opened to Proverbs and came to 1:7a – “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” This rings so true with me. Living in God does not mean abandoning knowledge for faith; it means going straight to source of all knowledge! God knows better than any human experts how to live a fulfilled and effective life. He’s told us a great deal in his Word, and he has also sent us his Counselor (with whom I have yet to develop a regular dialogue, unfortunately).