I’m stunned to hear good news come out of Washington. Bush has signed a bill by Coburn (who?) and Obama (yay!) to create an online, searchable database of government spending. By 2008 at the latest, we should be able to “Google our tax dollars.” This is the most important bill to pass in a long time, because I think it might actually work.

Rabid political bloggers (millions of ’em) will rush to the database, find the most offensive abuses of Congressional pork power, report them to the masses, and organize public action. Why do I have faith they will do this? Because that’s exactly what bloggers did to get this bill passed in the first place.

The original bill was blocked by an anonymous Senator (apparently, any Senator can block any bill anonymously). However, bloggers rallied together to get people to call their senators, demanding them to go on record that they did not block the bill. When the suspect list narrowed to 4, the Senator who blocked the bill confessed. Guess who it was? That asshole from Alaska who spent $250 million on a bridge to an island populated by 50 people.

I have more faith in the people of America than I have in Congresspeople. While Congresspeople are smarter and more informed about issues, they are also far more corrupted by power. An individual citizen has relatively little power to be corrupted by, but corporately we can assume great power to get good things done. Er something. I’m sure somebody else has said it better.

Power to the people!