I keep forgetting that most people aren’t as impossible to offend as myself, my oldest friends, or the best of my friends at Listology. Because of these very tolerant and resilient friends, I feel too safe in speaking bluntly, critically, and callously, and apparently I’ve been hurting a few people, though I do not want to hurt anybody.

I know this because a wise and generous friend confronted me about the way I’m hurting a few people. I’m a very selfish person, and I often forget to consider how another person may interpret and respond to what I say and do. This is called insensetivity, and it hurts people. Also, as I wrote before, I have developed a very unhealthy contempt for American discontent. So, I sometimes come off as arrogant and judgemental (and certainly, hypocritical).

All this is not helped by my particular manner of speech, which is very precisely articulated and often non-sequitur, with deadpan delivery – as from the characters in a Hal Hartley movie (seriously!). I come off as insincere because my words sound scripted (they are not, of course), deliberate (which they are), and unemotional (partially true, but mostly it’s that the emotion of my spirit is rarely expressed on my face).

So, even when I’m trying very hard to bless people, and when I’m lucky enough to be saying just what they need to hear, I come off as arrogant and insincere anyway. AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!

So, to those I’ve hurt, a big Forgive Me! And, confront me! I’m always wanting to change and grow, and I don’t want to be hurting people, especially my friends. So don’t let me.