Also from The Journey of Desire:

I was walking down the hall at work one day, lost in my thoughts. Walking ahead of me, the same direction I was going, was a beautiful woman. I looked up and my heart said, Wow! Fearing that the beast of lust was rearing its ugly head, I tried to kill my reaction. It never works, and I knew it, so I decided instead to find out what was going on beneath what seemed to be an inappropriate response. Still walking along, with this beauty still in view, I asked my heart, What do you mean by “wow”? The next sentence literally popped out, unscripted, from someplace deep inside me: The grand prize if you are truly a man. I was stunned. I have lived that lie for a long time. How many young boys in our culture, just as they are entering adolescence, are introduced to sexuality as masculinity? Look at every ad designed for men. Whether it’s for cars or sporting gear, clothes or beer, a beautiful siren is almost always posing seductively alongside. The message is beaten into us: if you’re a man, you’ll win the woman. I saw how long I had been haunted by that idea, and I also saw that what I was desiring was not an affair, but a truer sense of my masculinity.

I think this promise of a truer sense of masculinity is also – more than pleasure, more than “men are visual…” – the great allure of pornography.

The upcoming movie Crank contains the most exteme, concise summary of all the lies our culture is telling us about masculinity. In one scene, the debonair Jason Statham receives a blowjob from blonde bombshell Amy Smart while stunt-steering a sleek, fast car in a dramatic chase and shooting bad guys out his window with a powerful handgun.

As long as our young men continue to grow up on such sermons on masculinity, they will be insecure, they will search for affirmation of their masculinity in all the wrong places, they will never be satisfied, and they will always be distracted from becoming the Men of God they were made to be.