Tim’s recent sermon on stewardship, Parable of the Custodian (download it here) was a cogent reminder of how we are to be faithful with what God has given us. This includes:

Our Body: Am I a faithful steward of my body? Do I eat healthy foods? Do I exercise? Do I maintain flexibility and endurance? Do I use my body to serve God and others?

Our Mind: Am I a faithful steward of my mind? Do I study God’s Word, subjects important to me (psychology, music, statistics, etc.), Christian living, and interpersonal relationships? Do I train my mind for thinking? Do I train my mind in godly thinking (taking God’s perspective of the world, avoiding thoughts of lust or envy, etc.)?

Our Emotions: Am I a faithful steward of my emotions? Do I control my emotions or do I let them control me? Do I indulge anger, anxiety, and sadness, or do I willfully refocus my heart on joy, hope, and love?

Our Will: Am I a faithful steward of my free will? Do I make wise, godly decisions? Do I exercise godly behavior or do let my human nature dictate my actions? Do I allow worldly patterns and bad habits to control my decisions and attitude?

Our Abilities: Am I a faithful steward of the talents God has given me? Do I actively develop my abilities with speaking, writing, music, sports, and more? Do I put them to use for His work?

Our Time: Am I a faithful steward of my time? Do I waste much time on cheap recreation, or do I invest in God, in relationships, in bettering myself and others, in study, and in training myself for righteousness?

Our Sexuality: This goes beyond “yes” or “no”; i.e. sex inside marriage or out/before. Am I currently using my sexuality appropriately? Am I developing my sexuality? And when I am married, will I seek to learn how to please my partner, and train myself in pleasing her? Will I train myself in timely romance, foreplay, sex, etc.? Will I do kegels, etc.?

Our Spirit: Am I a faithful steward of my spirit, and its communion with the Holy Spirit? Do I actively listen to God with my spirit? Do I practice operating in faith on the gentle leadings of the spirit? Do I keep my spirit clean of sin? Do I exercise my spiritual authority in Christ over Satan and his demons?

Our Possessions: Am I a faithful steward of my money and assets? Do I waste much money on recreation and exorbitant comforts, or do I commit it to God’s will? Do I give to the poor, to the church, and to charities? Do I invest wisely?

Our Relationships: Am I a faithful steward of my relationships? Do I wisely maintain my relationships and edify those around me? Do I invest in them too little or too much? Do I perform my familial role faithfully? Am I a good neighbor to those around me?

Our Rights: Am I a faithful steward of my rights? Do I know my rights, and do I exercise them in accordance with God’s will?

The Church: Am I a faithful steward of my church body? Do I pay attention and get what I can from the Sunday service and small groups? Do I give as much as I can in encouragement, prophecy, service, etc.? Do I contribute to the health of the global Church?

The Earth: Am I a faithful steward of the earth and its creatures? Do I protect and preserve this valuable resource God has given us? Do I care for animals, plants, etc.? Do I care for the atmosphere and seas?

The Nation: Am I a faithful steward of my citizenship? Do I promote wise, godly leaders, and speak out against ungodly ones? Do I pray for all my leaders? Do I contribute to God’s will in politics?

Very useful reminders, methinks. Deliberate Christlikeness.