I recently had a chat with a friend about my plans to doctorate in Psychology. He told me about how he dropped out of Psych because he realized he didn’t want to spend all day listening to client after client talk about their issues with their father. And, he found that people are more willing to listen to you if you’re their friend than if you’re their shrink. I think of what my dad does; he speaks truth and life and hope into each life he encounters and they are better for it, and he didn’t need a Psych degree to do that.

But I’m built differently than my friend or my dad, and perhaps I will find that God has crafted my heart to be a therapist, or something else in the field of Psychology. But I can start speaking truth and life and hope into people’s lives right now. I’ve been blessed to have several needy people (that’s not a judgement on them, just on their shitty life or upbringing) confide in me or use me as a friend to talk to or shoulder to cry on. It’s cliché to say it, but sometimes that’s just what people need. They haven’t had anyone care enough to listen to them, or care enough to hug them, or care enough to make them feel wanted around.

God, give me wisdom, compassion, and humility. Amen.