My favorite music critic & historian, the brilliant Piero Scaruffi, is also a salient political analyst. He recently wrote about the violence inherent in Islam. I’m not sure I agree with his contention that “Islam” means surrender as in conquering; most language experts seem to agree it means peace, and perhaps submission to God. But he does make several good points about Muhammad. Here’s a tiny snippet:

No matter how you “interpret” it, there is no question that Mohammed is the only founder of a major religion who personally killed people, who personally launch a war of conquest, who personally founded a political entity (the Arab empire). There is no question that his followers went on a rampage and conquered a large area of the world from Spain to Iran in the name of his religion. There had been empires before, and all of them had been as brutal as the Arab empire, but the Arab empire was the first one to be “religious” in nature. The Egyptian, Persian, Roman did not use religion as a pretext to invade their neighbors: they invaded their neighbors because they wanted to expand. The followers of Mohammed were the first ones in history to do so in the name of a god. (Their great invention was later copied by the Christians).

I really should read the Koran soon. And make some Muslim friends.