This will be a long post. So much has happened in the past few days and only now have I had time to catch up.

On Saturday I drove 50 miles to meet my mom for a showing of Good Night, and Good Luck. Just before arriving at the cinema, my car broke down completely on the road. I called my dad and he started looking for a place nearby to tow the car. I called AAA and was on hold for 15 minutes. My mom called from the cinema, so I answered while putting AAA’s hold music on hold. In 20 seconds, I told mom where I was so she could pick me up. Switched back to AAA and the line was dead; in those twenty seconds they’d picked up, waited, and hung up. So I called AAA again and didn’t answer any of the 5 calls I received while on hold.

Towed my car away to a church parking lot and mom and I had 30 minutes to burn until the next showing of Good Night, and Good Luck. I wanted a leather jacket so we went to Burlington and everything, by chance, was on clearance. In 15 minutes I tried on 20 leather jackets and found one that looked cool, fit my absurdly long arms, had a removable liner so I could wear it in cool and cold weather, and was only $80! Best. Shopping. Ever.

The movie was decent and then we raced home and I took the Buick because now I was running late for poker at my friend’s house back south again. 50 miles down the road a tire blew out completely. A cop helped me change the tire because I didn’t have a jack in it because I never drive the Buick.

The good news is that I wasn’t that bothered by all these stressors. And I realized that God is teaching me responsibility. For example, I knew my car was leaking oil very slowly. Perhaps the leaking increased on Saturday and that’s what made my car break down. I could have checked the oil before embarking on a long trip. Same goes for the blown tire. I could have moved my jack, etc. from my broken down car to the Buick. I am also selfish and irresponsible with how I socially interact, something God made clear to me during poker (and another party the night before).

After poker, I chatted with a friend whom I’d not seen for many months. He expressed concern over my shocking and crude speaking content. I know I love to shock people, and I’d been ignoring Paul’s admonishment to avoid crude language and coarse talk because I figured that would be “legalism.” But it’s also a selfish way to speak; it makes me happy at others’ expense because they are made uncomfortable.

Our chat was wonderful and we encouraged each other. The sermon on Sunday at Lakeside Christian Church was fantastic (download it here, Feb. 19th), about obstacles to supernatural healing. Tim, the speaker, was funny, passionate, personal, and very helpful. I laughed, I cried…

That afternoon I plugged myself into 3 leadership/helping roles for another church’s Alpha program, starting mid-March. I’ll be helping with technology, inviting unchurched people, and small groups.

The night I had dinner with two friends and a new friend who is very receptive to the spirit realm. He’s seen and used many incredible visions from God, but is also subject to nearly constant spiritual attack in many forms. His life story was incredible, inspiring, and tragic. I am praying for him. I hope he will write a book someday to help the rest of us understand the spirit realm. I am glad to hear he has kept a diary.

I’m going to try to attend a sexual purity conference on March 4th. I’m going to be more responsible in little things. I’m going to seek for ways to respect and love other people as my #1 priority in social engagements.

More on all this later, probably. God is moving.