Every week I have breakfast with my dad. It’s a real treat because God has gifted him for discernment, wisdom, and relational ministry, and he has developed those gifts steadfastly. He often has useful insights for me.

Today I mentioned that I had such diverse interests that I felt I couldn’t focus my life for God’s Kingdom the way The Purpose Driven Life recommends. I know that a focused life is most effective, but I have many passions and talents and I don’t want to abandon any of them. My dad pointed out that I’m in the middle of the stage of life where we must explore and seek out the talents and passions God has given us, develop some of them a little ways, and later select one or a few to develop intensely, as God sees fit. That relieved me, and I know some of my discontent is that I don’t want to be in that stage of life anymore. I want to establish a base of operations, have steady and significant income, start a family. I want to be secure and fortified. But God doesn’t want that. My dad pointed out that this is a good thing that I have twisted. The body of Christ needs people who prepare for endeavors, but I have become dependent on being careful and safe and I don’t take enough risks.

Good stuff.