The Divine Conspiracy also challenges our common conception of Matthew 7:6: “Do not give dogs sacred things to eat, nor try to get pigs to dine on pearls. For they will simply walk all over them and turn and take a bit out of you.” This is often interpreted to mean that some people are not worthy of treasures. But the coming of Christ is exactly a case of pearls before pigs as thus understood! The issue is not worthiness, but helpfulness. A dog cannot nourish itself on sacred things, nor a pig on pearls. “The point is not the waste of the pearl but that the person given the pearl is not helped.” A primer on language or macro-business strategies can be a treasure, to be sure, but neither will help me. Likewise, the Bible is a great treasure but will be of no use to someone who is starving to death, or to the mentally incapable. The beggar and retard are not unworthy, but they are unhelped by these treasures. Give instead love, food, and shelter to the beggar. Give love, care, and treatment to the retard. Give me a primer on developing human relationships or on battling pride, for example.