Today I talked with someone about how disappointing real life is when one is surrounded by the fantasies of television and movies. I need to constantly refocus on God’s view of this world and me in order to be sustained. I also need to surrender my dreams and plans to his will. The person I was talking with about this said he’d had to drop his original dreams and plans for God, too, but that much later God had given them back to him, after he’d “grown up” in God significantly. So that was encouraging. God plants certain dreams and desires within us because he wants to fulfill them, but perhaps only when we’ve surrendered everything to him. I can live with that.

My battle for sexual purity is a tough one. Several months ago I gave up lusting after women in their presence, and survived that. Then I stopped lusting after real people altogether. But I can’t rid myself entirely of lust. Satan has too great a stronghold. The Purpose Driven Life gave me a few pointers about that in this week’s reading, though, and I’ll keep fighting.