In Romans 1:24,26,28 Paul writes of God allowing sin to dominate some people as punishment for turning to wickedness. This is further evidence that sin is not just “wrong,” but destructive by its very nature. God warns against sin not from personal preference, but because he has designed humanity and the earth and he knows what types of attitudes and behaviors will destroy. It shouldn’t take long, living in sin, to realize there must be a more fulfilling way of life. Yet, considering how much God hates sin, it seems strange he would employ it for judgement.

I’ve begun to start each day with the following:

1. Submit to God. “God, I give you control of my intellect, emotions, will, and body. You are Lord.”
2. Attack Satan. “Satan, I bind you with my authority in Christ. You will not control my intellect, emotions, will or body. I loose myself from every stronghold and bondage. I cast you out in the name of Jesus Christ.”
3. Train my mind and heart. I’ll find or make some list of truths to remind myself of my weaknesses, strengths, and goals. I must start each day focused on Christlikeness.

Eternal Life is for the dead. Right now I live for Abundant Life.

I’m also learning to pray and trust in God’s timing when those around me are not walking in the truth and contentment I enjoy. After all, I lived in deep spiritual and emotional darkness for two years before God radically transformed me in a few short months. I must trust that he loves my friends even more than I do, and has more power to move in their lives.

Today’s quote from The Divine Conspiracy: “…in the Sermon on the mount we are not looking at laws, but a life: a life in which the genuine laws of God eventually become naturally fulfilled. Similarly, nothing he is teaching [about prayer and “vain repetition”] rules out the use of written prayers or liturgy. You can be just as “man pleasing” and “fleshly” in extemporaneous and informal religious exercises as in preestablished and formal ones – perhaps even more so – especially if you are proud of being informal.”