God won’t transform us against out will. We must not only ask him to work in us, but join in the work. This week I’d like to grow in compassion. I am often insensetive to the emotional and environmental states of my companions, and forget that their minds and souls do not work like mine do, and have thereby made hurtful mistakes in my relationships. God, draw my focus away from myself.

Intentional transformation has been the continual catalyst in this, the best year of my life. God and I agreed that we were sick of who I was and what I was doing, and set out together to transform my mind and soul. It’s working, and I’ve never felt more fulfilled and joyful. There is still much to be done.

Relationship ministry is inefficient and I don’t think I like it. Sometimes what will best minister to someone is just “hanging out” with them, for several hours, “accomplishing” nothing. Grrrr. At least if I’m shingling a roof or giving money or counseling a friend I can see and measure the good that is being done. God, help me to trust that your Holy Spirit is working through me when I claim opportunities for relational ministry clearly presented by you.