I wish I’d started this a long time ago.

God is transforming me in powerful and exciting ways this year. Every day I choose to be a little more like Jesus, and every day he teaches me how. He’s been teaching me so quickly, though, that I keep forgetting what I’ve just learned! Most of what God teaches is not new to me; I’ve just forgotten it or ignored it. I need to write down what I learn from him each day because writing it will help me learn it better, and because I will then be able to review what I’ve learned. I might as well write it online so that you can learn something, too, and be encouraged. Writing it to an audience also provides some degree of accountability for studying and meditating on God each day.

I want to be encouraged by what God is doing in your life, too. Please leave comments. Tell me what God is teaching you! Feel free to disagree with me or ask questions.

FYI. I church hop on Sundays quite a bit, but I usually attend Lakeside Christian Church. You can download Lakeside’s sermons in MP3. God has used The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard to transform my heart and life more than any non-canonical text. It is the greatest book I have ever read. I’m currently reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, an immensely useful and densely insightful book on living life to the fullest in Jesus. My Monday night small group of twenty-somethings is going through it together. I’m also reading the Protestant Biblical canon in three simultaneous sections (today I read Genesis 13, Psalm 10, and Luke 2) and The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, as well as re-reading The Divine Conspiracy.

I learned much today, but it’s late. One thing I remember is a pastor at New Hope Community Church (in Cambridge, MN) related the story of some advice given to a young Charles Schwab: for each day, write a numbered list of the most urgent and important tasks you must complete in descending priority. Work on #1 until it is finished. Then do the same with #2, and #3, and so on. Schwab found this simple practice to be the most powerful method of success in his life. Though Schwab and I seek different kinds of success, it makes sense to apply this idea to my life, starting tomorrow.